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KUNZ RLB Recovery Lifting Bag System

KUNZ Recovery Lift Bags are the prominent tool used in many recoveries. The Pneumatic elevators are designed to lift aircraft of any size up to 7m in disabled aircraft recovery scenarios.

The Recovery Lift Bags consists of multiple compartments vulcanized one upon the other and are made of drop thread fabric and coated with a proven, durable high-quality rubber compound to guarantee vertical and horizontal stability during the aircraft recovery operation.

KUNZ Recovery Lift Bags have been successfully tested to accommodate ARC movement of up to 15° at our training facility as well as in real recovery operations.

Different sets, capacities and sizes are available for all aircraft.


KUNZ Multi-Wheel Aircraft Recovery Dollies for ‘flat tires’ or ‘damaged wheel’ scenarios ensure rapid removal of an aircraft from runways or taxiways. The immobilized aircraft is towed away with the damaged landing gear on the Recovery Dolly. All wheels are connected by three independent hydraulic circuits to enable precise height adjustment and pivoting of the platform.

The KUNZ Multi Wheel Recovery Dolly provides a modular design and is available for various capacities for small jets, and narrow and wide-body aircraft.

Aviation Light Signals

For the control of aircraft in the air and on the ground along with the control of vehicle and personnel movement.. A simple sight, designed for operation with both eyes open, allows the operator to easily locate and signal the approaching aircraft or ground movement.

The LED SLG light gun has been specifically designed to be lightweight and instantly ready for use, for when radio communications are interrupted or unavailable. The Signal Light Gun becomes the voice of the Air Traffic Controller when it is not possible to use voice communications or when radio silence is a mission-critical requirement.

X-Ray Inspection System

X Ray baggage inspection systems are particularly applicable in banks, airports and multinational firms and companies. This system is comprised of high imaging optical cameras and scanners that are sensitive to metallic objects and other harmful elements, such as weapons. The scanners detect these items while the baggage passes through them and give off an alert if anything is found.

Backed with high-powered technology and AI systems, our x-ray baggage scanner machines are smart, efficient and reliable. They are also easily deployable, scalable and easy to navigate as well.

Superior image quality enables high screening throughput, reducing the time spent on false alarms and secondary inspections, making the system well-suited for a variety of checkpoints and security missions.