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Company Profile

Mandalay Technology

Mandalay Technology (previously known as Myanmar Credent Technology) started incorporating the company in 1998, providing geospatial technological solutions and services including Surveying, GIS/ Mapping, Remote Sensing, geotechnical investigation, hydrological and marine survey, and now extended to science, technology and engineering education solutions, oil and gas solutions and services and building and engineering services,.

Mandalay Technology has the following business divisions:

  1. Geospatial Technology Solutions and Services
  2. Information Technology and Communication Services
  3. Science, Technology and Engineering Education Solutions
  4. Oil and Gas Solutions and Services
  5. Building and Engineering Consultancy Services

Company Profile

Company Proflile

Civil Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Geologists, GIS/ Mapping and Remote Sensing Application
Engineers, Surveyors, Hydrologists, CAD Specialists, IT professionals and Hardware Support Engineers are staffing Mandalay
Technology, providing full service for the customers in Myanmar.

Some Key Customers of Mandalay Technology:

  • Loikaw University (LUK)
  • Mandalay Technological University (MTU)
  • Technological University Mandalay (TUM)
  • Bago University (BGU)
  • Monywa University (MY)
  • Magway Technological University (MGTU)
  • Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC)
  • Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC)
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MoAI)
  • Ministry of Energy (MoE)
  • Ministry of Construction (MoC)
  • Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MoECaF)
  • Ministry of Transport (MoT)
  • Ministry of Health (MoH)
  • Ministry of Education (MoE)
  • Myanma Five Stars Line (MFSL)
  • Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST)
  • Myanma Port Authority (MPA)
  • Myanma Railway (MR)
  • Defense Services Technological University
  • Forest Department (FD)
  • Yangon General Hospital (YGH)
  • Department of Rural Development (DRD)
  • Irrigation Department (ID)
  • Department of Medical Research (DMR)
  • Settlement and Land Records Department (SLRD)
  • Survey Department (SD)
  • Water Resources Utilization Department (WRUD)
  • Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE)
  • Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development (DHSHD)
  • Department of Health Planning (DHP)
  • Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems (DWIR)
  • Department of Civil Aviation (DCA)
  • Yangon University
  • Mandalay University
  • Magway University
  • TaungNgu University
  • Dawei University
  • National Commission for Environmental Affairs (NCEA)
  • Asia Research Center (ARC)
  • Design Printing Services (DPS)
  • Myanma Economic Corporation (MEC)
  • Myanmar Ivanhoe Copper Limited (MICL)
  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA)
  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
  • Mother Construction
  • Olympic Construction
  • Mandalay Myotha Industrial Development Corporation
  • Daewoo Corporation
  • Yamashita Sekkei
  • ToyoThai Corporation
  • Amata Corporation

Mandalay Technology received the Gold Award of ASEAN ICT Awards (Corporate Social Responsibility Category) in 2012. Mandalay Technology is also a member supporting the United Nations Global Compact.