Mobile Financial Services

Digital Strategies for financial Institutes

What is Mobile Banking?

Technology to enable Banking Services on Mobile Channels e.g. USSD, HTML5, Downloadable Mobile Apps (Android, iPhone, Windows) and allowing the bank customers to access the banking services through a mobile device. It offers flexibility to do financial activities at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

What is Agency Banking?

Agency Banking is the system which allows commercial outlets like shops and supermarkets to act in some capacity on behalf of formal banks and financial institutes

What is Mobile Wallet?

Enables service providers to empower banked and unbanked consumers with a mobile stored value account for conducting various financial transactions like P2P transfer, remittances and merchant payments including utility and bill payments – quickly and securely from their mobile.

What is Mobile POS?

Mobile POS (Point of Sale) is the Technology Solution to enable your Merchants to acquire Card Transaction using Mobile Application instead of investing in costly traditional POS machines.

What is Internet Banking (Retail & Corporate)?

Internet banking is one of the most effective channels to enable the bank's customers to perform banking transactions from the convenience of their homes and offices. It provides the customers convenience, effectiveness, reliability and recognition. Thoughtful features like personalization further stimulates the customers and offer them a pleasant banking experience and the recognition of being valued customers.

What is Micro Saving?

Technology to enable Mobile based Saving Solution for Banks, Mobile Wallet Operators with Advance Interest calculator, Distribution & Logistics Management, and Service & Performance Management.

What is Micro Lending?

Technology to enable Mobile based small value Lending Solution for Banks, Wallet Operators with Interest calculator & reminder for payments and Distribution Management.

What is Socio Banking?

Providing the access to banking services inside your Facebook Account on your Smartphone / Laptop / Desktop

What is Video Banking?

Providing access to banking services via a remote video connection using your Laptop / Desktop / Smartphone / Tablet.

What is Mobile Insurance?

Technology to enable Insurance services on mobile handset for Insurance service providers with Dynamic User Management, Customer Management, Agency & Policy Management and Reporting.

What is Mobile Remittance?

It a payment transfer mechanism to transfer the money to beneficiary from the convenience of sender’s mobile phone. Here the beneficiary may be a bank account holder, non bank customer or international beneficiary. Mandalay Technology, together with ModeFinServer, provides and offers the digital solutions for Financial Institues in Myanmar.