Mandalay Technology is committed to contribute to the development process of the people and the country of Myanmar. Our motto is “Technologies for Development”. While technology is the main business, it is also aware that the human capital and innovation are the driving forces for the sustainable development. That is why its core values are People, Innovation and Sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of these core values.

We have the CSR task force in the company, formed with 5 rotating members, who contribute voluntarily, and re-formed quarterly. They plan for CSR activities at communities. Apart from such community-based CSR activities, we have internship program which aims to help the university students and fresh graduates for the practical hands-on working experience in various work positions in the company, providing them a stipend, as well.

As a part of our CSR spirit, we contribute to the human resource development and capacity building in the business we are in, i.e., geospatial technologies, IT, Science, Technology and Engineering Education, and engineering. Mandalay Technology continuously hosts technological seminars, workshops, conferences, inviting the multiple stakeholders, and together with various co-hosts and partners including Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Progress of Border Areas and National Races and Development Affairs (now changed to Ministry of Border Areas), Department of Development Affairs (now changed to Department of Rural Areas Development), JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), KOICA (Korea International Development Agency), EcoDev. FREDA, Forest inform, Myanmar Computer Professionals Association, Myanmar Computer Federation, Myanmar Engineering Society, Department of Higher Education, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), UNESCO-IHE, ARBO (Ayeyarwaddy River Basin Development Organization), etc.

We received Gold Award (CSR Category) of ASEAN ICT Award in 2012 for our “Geospatial Technology Training Courses for Environmental Management, Disaster Risk Preparedness and Management”. Those training courses have been intended for Capacity building of the stake-holders for the efficient and effective utilization of geospatial technologies and applications (GIS- Geographic Information Systems, and Remote Sensing) and the freely available geospatial data (from GoogleEarth) for the environmental applications such as environmental assessment, ecology and hydrologic modeling, land use planning and management, forest inventory, environmental mapping, disaster risk mapping, geospatial planning for disaster preparedness and disaster management, etc.

Community-Based CSR Activities

We contribute to the society by sharing our resources.

It is more than donation. We donate, but, go beyond.

We go and donate at the Orphanages, Homes for Aged, etc., but, we try to help them not only by donations, but also by sharing our knowledge_ teaching the children about the computers, about the modern technologies, and by sharing the happiness and time _ spending time with senior citizens, learning from them, singing with them, dancing with them, taking pictures with them, etc.

Bring Homeless children to National Park and playing game, and teaching computer knowledge for the whole day.